When will I get to see my portrait previews?

You will be shown samples of the images taken as the session progresses,
an appointment will be made for you to view your portraits a few days after your session.

When do I decide what portraits I want to order?
After you have had your portrait viewing. You will be able to discuss the presentation
opportunities for your portraits, i.e framing, acrylics, albums, or slideshows.

When will my finished portraits be ready?
Approximately two to three weeks from the date your order is placed.
Add more time when special products or when extensive artwork is required.

Can I order additional portraits later?
Certainly, but be sure to leave a deposit on any future order to take advantage of any special offers at the time of your viewing .

Any more questions?
Call during our regular office hours.

Call Danny or Geneva Tel: 020 7924 9998

Office Hours Tuesday – Saturday: 10:30 – 6:00