How to get the best out of Your Portrait Session 

Beautiful portraits don’t just happen, they are planned. You will be photographed 

in an artistic and flattering way that will add a dimension of luxury to your portraits.

We cannot accomplish this, however, without your help. So please take a few moments

to look over the following suggestions to see how you may participate in the planning

of your very special personalised piece of art. 

You are encouraged to bring examples of the type of pictures that you like.

Please discuss any questions, ideas or suggestions you may have to get the most

out of your session.


When you arrive. 

You will be shown where to park your car. Metered parking in front of the studio, free at 

weekends and after 5:30pm

Our receptionist will offer you something to drink while you relax and we explain the 

procedure for your portraits.



Once you are ready you will be introduced to your photographer.You will have the opportunity

to discus the type of images that you have in mind. You will be helped to decide which clothes 

work best and what to do to ensure you get the best from your session in the studio.

You do not have to worry about your appearance, remember, just relax and enjoy a truly rewarding experience.


Your Viewing.

You will be invited back to see your stunning photographs projected onto a large screen 

Once you see the fantastic pictures you will want to purchase some or all of them as a 

memento, of course there is no obligation, but you will be tempted.



This is your chance to be a make a statement, remember this is your session. 

Wear something that you feel great in, it doesn’t have to be new. Don’t be afraid to use 

your imagination, glamourous , casual or funky, arrive in a fun mood and be ready to party.


Please try to co-ordinate colours and styles of dress, when there are several people 

in a group avoid mixing formal with casual. If possible choose a theme and stick to it,

e.g. for formal portraits dark suits or dark trousers and jackets work well,

for a casual look denim & white always works well


We suggest that you bring with you:

• That special dress, “ little black numbers” are particularly suitable.

• Evening wear or ball gown or traditional wear.

• Blouses, tops, denim or leather jackets, clubbing or party outfits.

• Jeans & white shirts are particularly effective for that casual look.

• Your favourite jewellery, scarves, hats or crazy gear. Don’t forget nail varnish.

• Outfits don’t have to be new, as long as they look good and you feel great in them.

• The photographs are mostly half-length shots, but bring some shoes for full length shots .

• For those conscious of their arms longer sleeves maybe more flattering

• For the gentlemen, dark suits or dark trousers and jackets work well for a formal look.

• Denim and white works well for a casual look,

• White can be replaced by other solid colours, but remember uniformity is the key.

• Solid colours are good for young children, pastels or white for babies.

• Babies are usually best photographed in bare feet.

• Bring along a few of their favourite toys to help them settle.

Remember, always coordinate style and colours when there are several people in a group



How to find us:

Click here for map

British Rail to Herne Hill Station

Three minutes walk to the studio

Underground to Brixton Station, buses 3, 37,196 to Herne Hill.

Elephant & Castle Bus No.68 to Herne Hill

The studio is directly opposite Brockwell Park,

Between Brockwell Lido and The Florence pub.

Ample metered parking outside the studio, free parking after 5:30 and at weekends.

121a Dulwich Road, Herne Hill, London SE24 ONG



Skin Problems

Don’t worry if you develop a skin problem. Our finished portraits are fully retouched to eliminate most blemishes and soften harsh lines.



We can remove some glare on glasses, but tinted glasses cannot be lightened even with artwork. If your glasses are exceptionally thick, they can distort the way the camera photographs the eye. In this case, you should consider asking your optician for a pair of empty frames to wear for your portrait session.


When will I get to see my portrait previews?

You will be shown samples of the images taken as the session progresses, 

an appointment will be made for you to view your portraits a few days after your session.


When do I decide what portraits I want to order?

After you have had your portrait viewing. You will be able to discus the presentation 

opportunities for your portraits, i.e framing, acrylics, albums, or slideshows.


When will my finished portraits be ready?

Approximately two to three weeks from the date your order is placed. 

Add more time when special products or when extensive artwork is required.


Can I order additional portraits later?

Certainly, but be sure to leave a deposit on any future order to take advantage of any special offers at the time of your viewing .


How to find us:      
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British Rail to Herne Hill Station, two minutes walk to the studio.
Victoria line tube to Brixton Station, buses 3, 37, 196 to Herne Hill.
Bus No.68 from Elephant & Castle  to Herne Hill.
The studio is directly opposite Brockwell Park, between Brockwell Lido and The Florence pub.
Ample metered parking outside the studio, free parking after 5:30 and at weekends.

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Any more questions?

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